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Amazing Lawyer

Wayne Wykoff is an amazing lawyer. He handles issues timely and thoroughly. He does not miss any details and is very knowledgeable of the law. If there is ever anything he is unsure of, he will cite the law before giving any answers. By far one of the top family lawyers I have ever encountered. I will definitely re-hire him if the need arises.

- Dave

Only Attorney I Even Considered

When needing help following the sudden death of my husband, Cort was the only attorney I even considered. We knew Cort from our church and my husband enjoyed playing golf with him. We have grew to love his family, so when tragedy hit, i never considered anyone else. He has taken my situation and literally removed all fear of how to handle my legal matters. I would not even consider taking my affairs to anyone else.

- Merna

Heaven’s Send

After hiring Cort to take over my case, he has been a heaven’s send. He has been very professional, listened, and proactive. Cort has accomplished more in the first 45 days than had been done in the last almost 3 years. Cort’s professionalism and open honesty have been a breath of fresh air for me.

- Michael


Mr. Sikes was very knowledgeable and patient during my case. He offered excellent advice and listened to my concerns. I will definitely recommend him to others.

- Christy


I hired Cort to take on my case to finalize my divorce. Cort was spot on in communication and giving me the facts. There was no “dragging” the case out. It was so cut and dry. Wish I would have went with him all along.

- Jeff Guinn

Extremely Well Spoken

Mr. Sikes is an extremely well spoken honest individual. When dealing with my extremely complicated case his experience with the sitting judge gave me a clear and realistic expectation of how the judge had ruled in similar cases he had been apart of over the years. He listened to my concerns and addresses them in court in a very professional way.

When opposing counsel attacked some of the facts he was quick to stand up and be firm with the other lawyer! This is someone you want to use, he will not sit there and tell you what you want to hear, but tell you the truth and not give you false hope.

BTW , we won with a home run over the fence ruling! Allowing Cort Sikes to stand with you will be a wise decision when facing someone that is looking to tear you down.

- Tracy Long

Great Experience

Cort is a very knowledgable instinctive lawyer that goes the extra mile for his clients. I am very satisfied by the reasonable outcome of my case. Cort was very honest straight forward in his explanation of the expectations I should have at all stages of the process, always giving me the choice of what I wanted to do at each stage of the process.

- Mike

Family Will

Cort helped my wife and I protect the future of our children by putting together a comprehensive Last Will and Testament. He took the time to explain how the process worked and helped us address some really difficult things to think about. He is very knowledgable and easy to work with. If we ever need legal services in the future, he is the one we will entrust.

- TJ

Excellent Service!

Wayne and Cort have been amazing through our custody case. They have always kept us informed and also helped us to see the whole picture. They have given us more guidance in a short period of time than our previous lawyer did in 3 years.

- Stan W.

Worked Hard When Others Wouldn’t

We searched months for a lawyer to represent us in our injury case, but were always met with a “no” or “you do not have a case”, that is until we got ahold of Mr. Sikes. Mr. Sikes knew we had a tough case but that did not stop him from rolling up his sleeves and putting in the hard work to see that we were compensated. The fruit of his labor was a settlement that we are more than satisfied with. We would highly recommend Mr. Sikes to anyone looking for a lawyer.

- Frank and Arianna

Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption

Cort represented my husband and me for a TPR case and subsequently the adoption of our son. While we had several bumps in the road along the way, Cort was always personable, accessible, knowledgable and confident. He listened to our concerns intently and was consistently able to come up with a smart and successful course of action. He explained every step with great detail and continuously ensured that we were fully aware of what was going on with our case. I would absolutely recommend Cort Sikes to anyone in need of a kind and dependable attorney.

- Alison

Excellent Comprehensive Service

I hired Cort after being injured in a traffic accident. Cort managed all of the details of my case, even working with my parents to help get specific information that I could not recall, which allowed me to focus on healing. The whole process is quite overwhelming and I cannot imagine trying to handle all of that on my own. Cort was very professional, readily available, and knowledgable. If I ever need legal services again I will not hesitate to contact Cort.

- Mary