Mr. Sikes is an extremely well spoken honest individual. When dealing with my extremely complicated case his experience with the sitting judge gave me a clear and realistic expectation of how the judge had ruled in similar cases he had been apart of over the years. He listened to my concerns and addresses them in court in a very professional way.

When opposing counsel attacked some of the facts he was quick to stand up and be firm with the other lawyer! This is someone you want to use, he will not sit there and tell you what you want to hear, but tell you the truth and not give you false hope.

BTW , we won with a home run over the fence ruling! Allowing Cort Sikes to stand with you will be a wise decision when facing someone that is looking to tear you down.

Tracy Long

Excellent comprehensive service

I hired Cort after being injured in a traffic accident. Cort managed all of the details of my case, even working with my parents to help get specific information that I could not recall, which allowed me to focus on healing. The whole process is quite overwhelming and I cannot imagine trying to handle all of that on my own. Cort was very professional, readily available, and knowledgable. If I ever need legal services again I will not hesitate to contact Cort.