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Knoxville Social Security Disability Lawyers

Applying for Social Security disability benefits is complicated and leads to many claimants giving up without receiving the benefits they deserve or miss a crucial deadline that requires you to start the process over from the beginning. Our Knoxville social security disability lawyers will help you every step of the way and take the worry away.

  • Intake – we will meet you in person to discuss your case and medical treatment history. We will assist you in completing all of the forms necessary to apply for your benefits.
  • Initial Application – we will guide you through and file your online application. We will help you gather the medical records and evidence necessary for a favorable decision.
  • Hearing before the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review – your case may require a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. We have represented hundreds of claimants before ODAR offices throughout the country. We know what ALJs want to see when considering your claim, and we will complete your electronic record for the hearing, file a brief outlining your case, and prepare you for your testimony so that you are comfortable and ready to go on the day of your hearing.

Get A Disability Attorney That is Focused, Experienced & Local

With SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS, you can regain your independence. Getting disability income can be a great relief when health problems prevent you from working. But you should know that the Social Security Administration (SSA) does not approve everyone – most times people do not get approved. According to their own statistics, fewer than 40 percent of applicants are approved, even after they appeal the decision. WE CAN HELP!

Need To Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits?

When you’re APPLYING FOR SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY benefits, you have to show three things:

  • Your health problems stop you from working in your most recent job
  • You cannot switch to a different type of work
  • Your medical impairments will last at least one year

To prove this, you have to fill out forms, submit medical records, and get statements from people who know.

Have You Been Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?

According to Social Security’s own statistics, you’re more likely to win on appeal if you work with an attorney than if you appeal alone. Our team will fight for your claim to be reconsidered, and we will guide you throughout the hearing process. We help the people of Tennessee with their disability benefits claims every day.

If you’re worried about cost, don’t be – you pay no attorney fees unless you win! If you win, the fees will come from your back benefits, not from your pocket. Our Knoxville social security disability lawyers can assist you if you are unable to work and are in need of disability benefits.

Does My Impairment Qualify Me For Disability?

Physical or mental impairments can drastically alter a person’s life. You go from being employed and having enough to pay your bills to being unemployed and struggling to make ends meet. At Wykoff & Sikes, PLLC we help clients every day suffering from a wide range of medical conditions. We know how important Social Security Disability benefits are to you when you need them. That’s why we fight to get you the benefits you deserve from the Social Security Administration.

Contact A Knoxville Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you suffer from a disability, allow a Knoxville social security attorney to put their knowledge and experience to work for you. Contact us TODAY to schedule an initial consultation with one of our experienced disability attorneys. We help people throughout Knoxville, Tennessee and the surrounding towns, areas and counties


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