Tennessee follows an income shares model for child support. The Tennessee Child Support Guidelines are complex and if you are not represented at a hearing you may wind up with a child support obligation you cannot afford to pay. If you find yourself in that hole, you may wind up being incarcerated for failure to pay as ordered. Remember, child support is the only bill collector you have with a jail, so do not go it alone in Court.

  • Initial Order – We will help you to be prepared for your child support hearing and help you gather the evidence necessary to ensure that your child support obligation is calculated reflecting your actual ability to earn, accurate health insurance cost, work-related daycare expense, and recurring uninsured medical expenses for your children.
  • Other parent not paying – If you are not receiving the child support that the non-custodial parent is ordered to pay, we can help you to file a proper petition to hold that individual responsible, collect on your judgment, and properly calculate the past due arrearage. In Tennessee, a child support arrearage accrues interest at a rate of 12% per year. This money can be very helpful to your children and we will help you collect.
  • Modification – If your or the other parent’s earning and expenses have changed, we can help you file a petition to modify child support. We will first advise you on the evidence necessary to prove a significant variance triggering either an increase or decrease in your child support obligation. If you qualify, we will file a petition for modification and prepare your testimony and exhibits for trial so that you are comfortable and ready to go on trial day.