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Appeals Explained-Request for Hearing before the Administrative Law Judge

Wykoff & Sikes, PLLC May 31, 2023

An SSA request for hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) appeal is a process available to individuals who have been denied Social Security benefits.

When an individual applies for Social Security benefits, their application is reviewed by the Social Security Administration (SSA). If the SSA denies the application, the individual can appeal the decision. One of the levels of appeal is a hearing before an ALJ.

To request a hearing before an ALJ, the individual must submit an SSA form called the Request for Hearing by Administrative Law Judge. This form must be submitted within 60 days of receiving the notice of the SSA's decision.

Once the SSA receives the request for a hearing, it will schedule a hearing before an ALJ. At the hearing, the individual will have the opportunity to present their case, including any new evidence or witnesses. The ALJ will then make a decision based on the evidence presented at the hearing.

It's important to note that the hearing before an ALJ is a critical stage of the appeals process. It's highly recommended that individuals seeking to appeal a denial of Social Security benefits seek the assistance of an experienced attorney or advocate to help prepare their case and represent them at the hearing.